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Questions and answers:

You’ve asked us a lot of questions. I will answer as well as I can.

  1. Why did you change the web-address? We did that because this one is easier for us in the families to use. There is also possible to have an English version, something many of you have asked for. And that is an advantage for us as well.
  2. Why do you only publish how much money is on the inmate account, but not the boys’ accounts?  We thought about publishing continuously how much there is on these accounts, but we changed our minds. The reason for this is that the Congolese have “spies” in Norway that report everything back to Congo. If they got daily updates on the amounts on these accounts, it’s possible that they would receive notions that they could get this money. I promise you that this will never happen. This money will not be used on corruption, but only what the boys’ need for food, medication and other things that improves their conditions.
  3. Why didn’t they say anything during the first trial? Joshua and Tjostolv decided not to speak when they discovered that the court was corrupt. They understood that when one of the judges offered them to pay to make some of the indictments disappear. Then they chose to stay silent, to get it over with as soon as possible and move on. They called it a “mock-trial”.
  4. Who paid for Mathildes trip to Congo? Mathilde and Knut (Tjostolvs parents) paid for the trip themselves.

more to come

Hannah French, November 20th 2009

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