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Free French and Moland!

Litt om de tre siste dagene i fengselet

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Iforrigårs da jeg ankom fengselet var det mange som var kommet for å være tilstede på en rettssak, inkludert kongolesisk presse. Det viste seg at rettsaken gjaldt ”generalen” som Tjostolv og Joshua kalte ham. Og i dag var han borte. ”Generalen” var en politisk fange og ledet et opposisjonsparti. Jeg har nevnt ham før men uten å si mer om ham. Han hadde sitt eget sted å sitte på ved den ene tverrveggen av sykestua. Der var det spent opp en form for presenning som tak og han satt alltid på sin plaststol med et lite bord ved siden av seg. Rundt ham var det plasssert tre trebenker hvor det til enhver tid satt besøkende. Av og til hadde de bønnemøte der også. Han ble frikjent. Jeg hilste alltid på ham når jeg gikk forbi og følte rett og slett litt vemod ved at han ikke satt på sin vante plass i dag. Men for en god dag for ham!

Last Updated on Thursday, 26 March 2015 13:29

Electricity, water and noise

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I have two power sources in my small apartment with two dark rooms with no draft. One is the same as the rest of the guesthouses have that runs the fans in the ceiling and light bulbs. The other power source comes from a small supermarket close by and runs my only air conditioner, refrigerator, stove and computer. If the power to the guesthouse goes out I still had the electricity from the supermarket so I don’t croak completely. But now we’ve had some terribly hot days and both sources of electricity have been gone for hours or all day. The refrigerator has been filled with water several times and the new air conditioner haven’t worked most of the time. A practical missionary and an electric have worked and worked. For two days we actually had electricity all day, even when there was a terrible rain storm with lots of thunder and lightning. With electricity there is also water in the shower and I can fill my buckets. Yesterday was the warmest day I’ve experienced here, until the rain storm. Today the air condition has not worked and it’s difficult to get help. I feel sick at times from the heat when I can’t cool down and I can’t spend all day at a supermarket with air condition either!! The practical life has its challenges that take time. I did some laundry at some friend’s house. The rest I do by hand. It takes time to bring and collect as well. You can imagine for yourselves how it gets in Joshua’s warm cell. It said 38 degrees Celsius on a large monitor yesterday until the rain started. The weather websites in Norway are often wrong about the degrees here. There can be 7-10 degrees difference both ways. A headlight is the most useful thing I brought from Norway. I use it every night. I make sure I boil water on thermoses so that Joshua and I can make coffee or tea even if there is no electricity.  

mamma kjokkenkopi

(the picture is from the fall of 2014) 

Last Updated on Tuesday, 24 March 2015 19:53

Back to Congo

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I arrived in Congo on Friday March 6th after a good stay in Norway. I dreaded the journey because we were flying via Cameroon and it was 2 hours longer flight time from Brussels (10 hours). But it was a good trip. We had some turbulence over Sahara desert, and many passengers screamed. Almost everyone got off the plane in Cameroon and we who were left had very much space. The trip to Kinshasa went very fast and we landed before schedule. Because we were so few the passport control and baggage reclaim were fast (where I have waited up to two hours earlier). My helper who was supposed to be there was not, so I took a Land Cruiser-cab into town (this went super fast) where I met my stand in at the hotel he was staying at the last night. We exchanged information and then I went to the guesthouse. My stand in went to Norway the next day after doing a very good job for Joshua.

PIC 0465kopi

(this picture is from the fall of 2014. I apologize for the poor quality)


Last Updated on Thursday, 12 March 2015 12:21

Unfortunately no news

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There is no news to tell, so unfortunately there will be some time between blogs.

The papers have finally found out that Joshua is back in the prison, not in hospital. They took their time….

Joshua was only in hospital for 24 hours and I wrote that on the website in the beginning of February.

He didn’t get well at the hospital, but he got better when he was treated by a missionary doctor we know. The missionary doctor work well with the new prison doctor as well.

Joshua is well from the malaria now, but his health is not good, and he has had some problems with his stomach lately.

He needs more medical attention than we can arrange for him in prison in Congo.

Joshua has daily visits from a good family friend every day in the prison. In addition the missionary doctor is there whenever he is needed and visits him regularly.

Last Updated on Thursday, 12 March 2015 12:22


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My Dearest Mom
On Skavlan on Friday you said you weren’t the hugging type. Other than with your children”. For us kids there has never been shortage of hugs! Hugs and love has been given us in bundles and I’m so grateful for that. You have always let us known that we are much loved and very wanted.
Last Updated on Thursday, 12 March 2015 12:24
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