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Free French and Moland!

FN-toppmøter og annet

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Nå kommer de store FN-toppmøtene i New York. Vi får håpe at både norsk og britisk UD bruker de muligheter de har til å få samtaler på toppnivå om Joshua. Enda bedre hadde det kanskje vært om de kunne få til fellessamtaler med relevante kongolesiske myndigheter og også samtaler seg i mellom. Men dette er kanskje for mye forlangt. Det er mye prestisje og rivalisering i denne saken.


Life in a dusk cell

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I want to cry when I think about Joshua not being outside in the sun and fresh air in almost 7 months, besides the walk he took on august 3rd. Joshua loves the mountains and the nature. During these 5 years Joshua has sit under the stars once, when it was a riot in Kisangani and no one came to lock them in. He is now in a cell with 9 others. It’s dusk all the time. The last days I’ve visited him the smell from the sewer outside the cell (there are some peepholes high up on the wall that brings in some “fresh” air in) smelled especially bad. I see how the feces flow in the sewer that comes from the women’sdepartment.

Last Updated on Friday, 19 September 2014 00:12

Joshua is getting worse

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Joshua is getting worse. An expression of concern has been sent today from Norwegian representatives and the British consul to the leader of the military prison. Apparently I have permission to find a doctor myself and bring to the prison. He has to arrive with the military doctor. Unfortunately we have experienced that no one dare to go against the military and their diagnosis or lack of diagnosis. We have experienced that doctors gave false testimony in court. The situation is serious and I have to bare most of the responsibility whether I can or not.

Last Updated on Sunday, 14 September 2014 06:42

With goodness in the heart

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I’m going on my daily visit to Joshua soon. I have a plastic basket with tea and soup that is good cold, juice, drinking water, a can of beans with a plastic can to pour the beans in, two boiled eggs, fruit and some more. I also have a change of clothes. I stop at a supermarket on my way to the prison called Kin Mart. I buy fresh baguettes and warm dinner for Joshua. This food is made by a Lebanese man and it’s very good. He is always nice to me and sometimes he sends some extra forJoshua. His food is very popular and he says it’s because it’s made with goodness in the heart. If you don’t do your work with goodness in the heart the food or any other work will notbe good. That is an important lesson for all of us. Two three times a week I have to go to other supermarkets, I can’t get everything I need at one place. I also buy bananas on my way to the prison. I give the guards cigarettes about three times a week. It’s normal that everyone who visits their family gives a little money here and there. I stick to Stella cigarettes that cost about a dollar a case. I need about 15-20 cases a week.

Last Updated on Thursday, 18 September 2014 14:46

40 minutes every day

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The days go by as usual here in Congo, and it’s not a lot to report. I’m moving to a catholic guesthouse that is the cheapest I found to rent. It’s like very simple Norwegian cottage standard. There is cold water in the bathroom at least. I’ve lived in the Gated community for three weeks where things are like we are used to, to a very Congolese environment.

Last Updated on Sunday, 14 September 2014 07:06
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